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Kempker’s Back 2 School Donation Drive

Kempker’s True Value & Rental will be collecting items at all three Southeast Iowa stores (Ft. Madison, Burlington & Mount Pleasant) for Roxy’s Rack and the Head Start programs in each respective city through August 31st, 2019. 

In doing so we would like to reward those who donate by giving 15% Off their purchase!

A list of items has been provided to us by both Head Start and Roxy’s Rack of things they are in need of. Please help by donating NEW items listed below. Collect your coupon at the registers when you drop your donations off. 

Help us spread the word by encouraging your friends and family to donate to these two great programs now through August 31st!

Head Start promotes school readiness for children, ages birth to five, in low-income families by offering educational, nutritional, health, social and other services. Head Start programs enhance the social and cognitive development of children and actively engage families in their children’s learning so that children will be successful in kindergarten.

Supply List
-Pencil boxes 
-Fat Ticonderoga pencils (My First/Beginners size) 
-8 pack sets of crayons 
-1 subject notebooks-WIDE lined (70 count) 
-Watercolor paint sets (Crayola) 
-Washable Paint 
-Primary Crayola marker sets (8-10 primary colors per set) 
-Dry erase markers & erasers 
-Sidewalk chalk 
-2 pocket folders (plain and without prongs) 
-Glue sticks (Elmers) 
-Glue bottles (Elmers) (small or gallon size) 
-Construction paper 
-Bird seed, colored sand, plastic straws, or “pebble sized” rock for classroom sensory activities 
-Baby wipes 
-Books: preferably animal or alphabe related; no Disney or holiday related books  
-Clorox wipes 
-Batteries: AA, C, D 
-Pullups: boy or girl, all sizes 
-Diapers: size 3 and up 
-Sun screen 
-Pipe cleaners 
-Stickers (no commercialized characters) 
-Manila envelopes and file folders 
-Copy Paper: white or colored 

Roxy’s Rack is a supply closet for our students in need at FMHS.

Supply List
-Soap/body wash
-Hair brushes/combs
-Hair ties/clips
-Deodorant (!!!!)
-Hand sanitizer
-Feminine hygiene (tampons/pads)
-Shavers/shaving cream
-Contact solution 
-Underwear, socks, gym shorts, leggings
-Any school supplies for HS age

Food items:
-Pop tarts
-Breakfast bars
-Juice boxes/bottles
-Mac n’cheese

– Storage containers/small rubbermaid totes

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