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Kempker’s New Paint Center

Here at Kempker’s True Value & Rental we realize that finding inspiration is a key component to giving your home or business a facelift so we’ve made it easier for you to do just that with our brand new “Inspiration Realized” Paint Center.

Now customers looking for a new paint palette for their space can explore over 1,200 colors under a variety of ambient lighting all within the new center. Find the right color palette to fit your desired look while paging through a variety of coordinated color collection books organized to fit any interior or exterior project you are working on.


Visit our new paint bar where we can easily match any color you’ve already chosen, help you search through Pinterest to find that one pin that inspired you to begin your project, and help you select the right tools for the job.

Find helpful tips and educated advice at our new educational kiosk and, as always, our expert staff is on hand to assist you with any project or idea and answer any questions you may have.

We invite you to stop by our Grimes, Huxley, Burlington and Fort Madison stores to visit this new exciting addition!

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