Manufacturer: Windsor 
Model Number: 10040270

Item Description

AIRMOVER™ 3 Air Blower, reduces carpet drying time by 50%, 3-speed settings, 1600 rpm, 1/2 hp motor, 3,000 cfm on highest setting, polyethylene housing, sturdy 4-point motor mount, lightweight 31 lbs, handle for easy transport, carpet clip for flood restoration

The 3-speed Airmover 3‘s 1600 rpm, 1/2 hp motor generates a powerful 3,000 cfm of air movement on its highest setting. With its medium (2,500 cfm) and low (2,000 cfm) airflow settings, this machine also works efficiently in areas where full power is not needed.

Airmover‘s polyethylene housing and sturdy four-point motor mount make it extremely durable. And with its light weight (just 31 pounds) and balanced offset handle, it’s easy to carry to the job site.

• Includes carpet clip for flood clean-up jobs
• UL Listed to U.S. and Canadian safety standards

Rental Rates

Rates may vary per location. Please contact your local store for exact rates.

  • $19.00 – 24 Hour
  • $52.00 – Week