Manufacturer: Windsor
Model Number: Dri-Matic

Item Description

Powder comes in convenient 2.2 liter bags to preserve the cleaning power of the compound.

  • Dri-Matic is safe to walk on while cleaning, so you can leave the area open to traffic.
  • The Dri-Matic Clean Kit™ is resealable with a built-in application brush to make a powerful and convenient spotting kit.
  • The light weight Dri-Matic maintainer uses two counter-rotating brushes to scrub compound deep into the carpet.
  • The Dri-Matic machine uses two brushes, counter-rotating at 400 rpm to scrub compound deep into the carpet.
  • Every Dri-Matic machine is equipped with a convenient spotting tool

Rental Rates

Rates may vary per location. Please contact your local store for exact rates.

  • $16.00 – 24 Hour
  • $47.00 – Week