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Kempker’s True Value helps paint a brighter future for Southeast Iowa youth

Students in both the Burlington Community Public School District and Holy Trinity Catholic School District are gaining a fresher look this school year with the help of Kempker’s True Value and Rental. The 2018 school year is in full swing and students and educators in both districts are enjoying fresh coats of paint inside and out; in classrooms, entranceways, hallways, administration offices, gymnasiums, and more.

These fresh looks are attributed to partnerships between the two districts and Kempker’s True Value and Rental stores in Burlington and Fort Madison; through the “Painting a Brighter Future” program. A signature program of the True Value Foundation that provides another stepping stone to unite True Value retailers with their communities.

“It is our goal through this program to help provide area students and educators with brighter, fresher, healthier environments which are imperative to both the learning and teaching processes”, said Chuck Kempker, owner of Kempker’s True Value and Rental.

Jeff Grossenkemper, head of the Holy Trinity Catholic School’s Maintenance Department said receiving the grant has been a positive experience for the students and teachers. “We have chosen brighter colors to cover what were stark white walls in classrooms, having done this both our students and teachers comment on how much more they enjoy being in the classrooms. There’s an even higher sense of positivity in the environment, it’s amazing what a bit of color can do”.

Burlington Community Public Schools and Holy Trinity Catholic Schools are just 2 out of 174 across the nation selected to receive the “Painting A Brighter Future” grant. This grant allowed each district to receive 30 gallons of paint at no cost to them from Kempker’s True Value and Rental stores.

Timothy Kesterke, head of the Burlington Community School District’s Maintenance Department, stated he was thrilled to receive this grant as it has helped alleviate maintenance costs in the district’s budget. “During a time when our district is looking at drastic budget cuts it’s nice to have a grant to help offset spending for the upkeep of our buildings”.

“There’s an immense sense of pride in our local school districts” said Dustin Kempker, owner of Kempker’s True Value and Rental, “working with them to pinpoint their needs and being able to position our stores to tend to those needs through this program helps further that sense of pride”.

In total, True Value retailers have donated over 5,000 gallons of paint to schools in need this year. The program also provides grants to boys and girls clubs nationwide.

Dawn Kempker, owner of Kempker’s True Value and Rental, said “There are many things that we hold near and dear to our hearts. The education of our youth and the sustainability of our schools is just the tip of the iceberg. We look forward to witnessing this program benefit our schools and our youth for years to come”.

Since 2009 the True Value Foundation has offered the Painting a Brighter Future Program each year and has seen the participation increase.

Shawna Ross, marketing coordinator for Kempker’s True Value and Rental anticipates the growth of the program. “This was our first year participating in the Painting a Brighter Future Program. I was pleased to receive applications from these two districts, and even more pleased to learn of their acceptance for the grants. We look forward to working with all of our surrounding districts on this same program in the coming years”.

Kempker’s True Value Crew pictured above with Jeff Grossenkemper, HTC Maintenance Manager and Michael Sheerin, HTC High School Principal.

Pictured above are Kim Patrick and Dustin Kempker of Kempker’s True Value are pictured with Adam Glasgow, BCSD Maintenance Manager and Burlington Community High School students who work in the maintenance department through the summer months.

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