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A healthy home is a happy home!

After a long harsh winter, Kempker’s would like to remind you of just a few important things to help you maintain a safe, healthy and happy home. We’ve put together a few simple steps to make sure you and your family can enjoy your home for years to come.

1. Maintain Good Indoor Air Quality 
The first line of defense for maintaining good indoor air quality is to check and maintain your Central Air Unit. This quick and easy check through can save you time and hassle throughout the season and you won’t have to cross your fingers when it comes time to use it! 

 – Check and replace the air filters before you switch from heat to A/C to help prevent dust mites and other allergens from polluting your home. 

 – Evaluate your thermostat. If your thermostat looks outdated, it’s best to replace it with a new programmable one which can save you money and energy. 

 – Check exposed duct work for wear and tear and remove any blockages from the air vents throughout the home. 

 – Check the drain line and clear it of any dirt from the indoor coil.  

 – Clear the outdoor unit of any built up debris such as leaves or vines to maintain it’s proper performance.

2. Check Your Perimeters
Winter can be harsh on the perimeters of your home. Now is the best time to check for any repairs that may be needed on the outside of your home!  

 – Check your foundation for any cracks, heaving or deterioration. It’s best to leave foundation repairs to the professionals so if maintenance and repair is needed call your location foundation specialists right away. 

 – Trim and remove any vegetation or overgrown bushes making sure they are not scraping against your siding. Keeping your siding clear of plant life can help prevent having to replace or repair damaged siding. 

 – Clean your siding with a power washer to prevent mold from inhabiting your home. Scrape and sand any chipped areas of wood or paint. Make sure your siding is clean, smooth and primed before applying any paint. 

 – Clear gutters and downspouts of all debris and run a hose over the roof to check for proper drainage. Mark any leaks and allow them to dry completely before  applying caulk or epoxy to seal them. 

 – Clean and repair doors, windows and screens. Make sure your doors are closing properly and replace any damaged weather seals and hardware. Repair damaged screens or glass and fill and caulk any cracks in window edges to help prevent any unwanted bugs or bees from entering your home. 

  – Inspect your decks and patios for repairs. Power wash for a good clean and begin to replace or repair any damaged areas before apply waterproofing sealants to a prevent future damage.

3. Prepare For Outdoor Entertaining
Creating a great space to entertain your guests in the Spring and Summer months is one of the most rewarding projects anyone can do! It may take a little time and effort so get started early and reap the reward sooner!

  – Unmask your stored lawn furniture and give it a good rinse. Check for signs of rust or paint erosion on any metal furniture and restore with a new coat of paint or spray enamel.

– Give your grill a thorough inspection and a good cleaning. Once cleaned, inspected and repaired use vegetable oil to coat chrome and cast iron grill grates to prevent rust. Replace any eroded grill plates, empty tanks and damaged knobs. Secure your grill on a clean and clear surface away from structures and debris.

– Prepare for planting season by removing any Fall foliage that was left behind in your lawn and garden. Check your lawn for holes and fill them with dirt. Inspect areas that may look bare and clear any debris from your lawn. Spring Seeding is just around the corner!

– Give your front door a make over and wow your guests by painting it a bright color and replacing or restoring outdated hardware and surrounding fixtures.

– Inspect your outdoor lighting and replace any bulbs, solar stakes or string lights that are broken or not working properly. Make sure you light up your sidewalks for safe and easy entrance into your outdoor entertainment area. And go ahead and start getting out those lawn decorations and flags!


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